Mind the Gap!


If, like me you grew up in the era where the Nokia 3310 was the ultimate in phone design, then you can imagine how excited I was to finally get a Smartphone.   Considering how clumsy I am it speaks volumes that, weeks after receiving this life changing device, it was still in pristine condition.    Even seeing a finger mark on the screen was enough to get me buffing it with a special cloth I kept for just such occasions.  (I know!)

Anyway, walking to my car one day with my phone in hand and multiple bags in the other I very carefully placed my phone on the roof of the car so I could open the boot.  I have a hatchback and, as the boot opened about half way, my precious phone decided to slip oh-so-gently into the gap between the roof and the boot.

Luckily I noticed and immediately stopped opening the boot any further.  To my relief, looking through the back windscreen I could see my phone sticking up out the gap completely unscathed and tantalizingly close on the other side.

The only problem was I could not reach the thing to get it out again as moving the boot either up or down by just a centimeter immediately started closing the gap on the phone.  So I basically stood there holding the boot as still as I could….for a long time.

After a while my arms were getting very tired; I’d realised that no-one would be coming to my aid in this quiet car-park any time soon and I needed to therefore do something.  Lacking in any decent plan I simply tried shuffling to one side of the car and reaching around but the phone was smack in the middle and I could not hold the boot still and lean…so I shuffled back.

Now, you remember that I’d been used to Nokia phones which were practically indestructible, so I had a somewhat optimistic opinion on how strong my new smartphone would be.  If I hadn’t, I probably would not have come up with my next clever plan.

My plan was to let the boot open ever so slowly until the gap closed gently on the phone and held it in place.  I would then quickly run to the other side of the boot lid, hold my phone and push the boot slowly down again to release it.  Genius eh!

Did it work…?  No, it didn’t work.  The boot simply crushed my phone like a pair of massive pliers and completely shattered the glass and cracked the case.  Was I insured I hear you ask…?  No, I most certainly was not.

I rung my phone company who suggested I take insurance in future but, in the meantime, could remortgage the house so I could afford to pay them what it would cost them to fix it.  I politely declined and found the parts I needed for a fraction of the price on Ebay…result!  All I had to do now was fix it – I mean, how hard can it be when you can watch a video on YouTube?

PLAY:  Step one: Pop the back off your phone and undo the 6 (microscopically small) screws using your Torx Star Head Screwdriver….PAUSE.

WTF…A Torx star head screwdriver? You couldn’t just use normal screws?!  No-one in the world owns a star head screwdriver that can fit a screw head that small – I know, cos I rung everyone and asked.  And so it was, a week later, that my dad turned up with a small flat head screwdriver he’d filed down (he an engineer and rather handy at things like that) and we were off and running again – we could finally move on to Step 2.  The YouTube video was 8 minutes long…this was going to be a doddle!

4 hours and 13 minutes.  Yes, you read that right, 4 hours and 13 minutes later we popped the case back on and were done.  To add insult to injury, those last 13 minutes had been spent reviewing the video again and again, desperately trying to work out how the hell we had a  little rubber ring left over on the table and where it went in the phone.  13 minutes before my dad realised it was what he used to keep his tweezers together.

I got out my little cloth, gave the screen a light buffing and went to bed.

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